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The Rostov company acquired the Cognitive Agro Pilot system for its combines

Sberbank implemented the first transaction on the sale of the autonomous control system for agricultural machinery Cognitive Agro Pilot, developed by Cognitive Pilot (a joint venture of Sberbank and the Cognitive Technologies group). The Erten company, a grain producer from the Rostov region, became the buyer of the hardware and software complex. It will install the system on the Rostselmash ACROS 595 Plus combine harvesters in its park.

Cognitive Agro Pilot is a system of autonomous control of agricultural machinery (combine harvester, tractor, sprayer) based on artificial intelligence technologies, which allows the machine operator to entrust control of the equipment to the assistant robot, while concentrating on the quality control of the processing and harvesting process. According to Cognitive Pilot, the total savings of Russian farmers through the use of the system this season will amount to over 500 million rubles.

“We, like our clients working in agriculture, understand that artificial intelligence is not the future, but today’s reality. It is artificial intelligence technologies that help to take a fresh look at the process of optimizing the company’s production cycle and make entrepreneurship more efficient. We believe that the use of the latest technologies will give our country’s agriculture a new impetus for development, ”said Tatyana Kreitor, Executive Director of the Sberbank Business Development Department.

The Cognitive Agro Pilot system analyzes incoming images from just one video camera and with the help of a specially designed for agronomic tasks deep-learning neural network “understands” the types and positions of objects in the direction of travel, builds the correct trajectory of the combine and transmits the necessary commands for performing maneuvers. This is the first system in the world that “sees” and “understands” the situation in the direction of travel, which distinguishes Cognitive Agro Pilot from foreign systems, which, as a rule, use a whole set of sensors in their models: laser scanners for moving along the field’s edge, stereo cameras for work on the roll, etc.

“Using the Cognitive Agro Pilot system can reduce grain loss during harvesting by up to two times. The system also significantly reduces costs and at the same time increases the efficiency of the entire technological process of harvesting, which is extremely important in the current difficult economic conditions. We are pleased that our innovative solutions find those for whom they are intended and help farmers reduce the cost of their products, ”said Olga Uskova, CEO of Cognitive Pilot.

The edge grip while operating the Cognitive Agro Pilot stably does not exceed 20 cm, avoiding unnecessary passes and fuel losses. The system is able to detect and track the position of the edge of the mowed crop, rolls, rows of crops (corn, sunflower), to detect the end zone of the field, obstacles, equipment and people. In automatic mode, the system goes around obstacles and stops when there is a threat of a collision with other equipment or people. In addition, the system can be easily reinstalled from one type of equipment to another.

Cognitive Agro Pilot ensures safe operation of the autopilot in difficult weather conditions and in any light. The system does not use a complex of GPS navigation and RTK corrections, for which the farmer needs to pay. The Cognitive Agro Pilot system has been successfully implemented in the USA, Brazil and China, as well as in a number of constituent entities of the Russian Federation: Tomsk, Kurgan, Belgorod regions, the Republic of Tatarstan and others.

The system user interface is implemented as a mobile application for a smartphone or a secure tablet based on the Android operating system.

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